6/15/2013 – Lincoln, Nebraska

The first post.  It’s tough to start this because I’ve had so many great shows and runs over the last couple of years that I’d really like to re-visit them all in order to do them justice.  Looking at my GPS running app I have run 2600 miles in the last year or so.  That averages out to about 50 miles a week which is a number I’m pretty stoked about.  More than that though, it gets me out into the mountains whenever possible.  When I’m on the road, my running provides clarity so that when I return home after an extensive tour, it doesn’t feel like one big blur.

We played our first official show of the tour last night in Denver at the Gothic Theatre and it was a blast.  Ivy Levan opened for us and she is a powerhouse.  Her band, specifically her drummer Chelsea were so great.  I’m looking forward to hearing them a lot over the next month or so.We’ve increased our touring crew a bit, adding a lighting designer, a merchandise handler/salesperson and a stage tech.  The bus is more crowded but it sure is a relief for the band and our tour manager not to have to deal with that stuff any longer.

Today is a day off in Lincoln, NE.  We’ve got two nights in Minneapolis next so we needed to cover some ground after Denver.  I was hoping to have this day off up in Denver so that I could rent a car and go up to Green Mt. and run the route I keep hearing about from Anton Krupicka’s blog.  I invited the amazing runners Joe Grant and Anton down to the show last night and low & behold, they showed up!  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hang out, those guys get up early and are training for some seriously lofty runs and mountainous excursions.  Next time.

Anyhoo, I went for a 10 mile run here in Lincoln which took me out along the Jamaica North, Bison and Homestead trail systems.  I’ve taken a few days off because of some ridiculously painful problems with my right foot which I think is a result of years of pounding the bass drum and the aforementioned mileage I’ve put in running.  Lincoln is very flat.  No hills that I could find, which for me is a real drag.  I flourish in the ups and downs.  It was a painful 10 miles in some serious humidity.  Not sure what is going on with my right foot/ankle but I’m concentrating on my running technique and bass drum technique to try and relax and even out any imbalances.  Regardless, it was great getting out there and checking out parts of Lincoln I never new existed.

DenverGothicTheatre2013Jamaica North Trail_LincolnNE


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